Dominique BREMOND

I was born in Lyon, France, where I grew up and studied Philosophy at the Jean Moulin University. Thanks to my parents, I started to explore the world and discover different cultures at a very young age.

After I graduated from college, I traveled for a year in the U.S. and stayed in various states (New York, Missouri, Texas ...) before arriving in San Francisco, where I live now. I developed a taste for the English language and the American culture, by watching American movies with my family on French television. I was also fortunate to have a wonderful teacher from England who made learning my first foreign language in 6th grade natural and easy. During my high school years, I spent several summers in England to practice my English and I came to the United States twice with my family. Back in France, I spent hours at the public library and started to read every American author I could find (Hawthorne, Steinbeck, Chandler, Kerouac, Stein ...).

Many years later, when I started to teach French in San Francisco, it felt easy to see my culture through the eyes of my American students and to incorporate it into my teaching. I’ve always considered teaching an act of communication and an exchange. I’ve learned so much from my students! To this day, I am fascinated by my students’ passion for French language and culture and feel so grateful for the opportunity to teach them.

After years of running a business on my own, I am happy to join Visiolang.usa and its team to promote great language programs in the United States.